Brick, Stone, Block, Concrete, and Stone Veneer

We're Experts With Brick, Stone, Block, Concrete, and Stone Veneer

Here at Mason Pro, we use all of the materials one could think of that are used in work related to brick masonry and paving projects. We are experienced in using all of the following materials, but not limited to just those listed. If you have a material in mind that isn’t listed, feel free to call us and inquire, and we’d be pleased to help you bring your idea using any material you desire to life!

During masonry, there are different types of materials that can be used. Depending on the type of material you opt for, the durability and aesthetics of your structure will vary. For most people, however, brick, stone, block, and Concrete are the most preferred masonry materials. These materials are used in paving installation, driveway pavers, patio construction, concrete paving, concrete steps, and brick driveways, among others.

At Mason Pro, our team is comprised of masons, paving contractors, foundation contractors, and driveway contractors. These contractors have the necessary experience in handling all types of masonry materials, ensuring that they deliver exactly what you ask for. It’s important to note that despite all these materials being useful in masonry, some materials may be more suitable than others depending on the application.

Below is an overview of each material and how well it can work for your project.


Since the dawn of the construction industry, brick has been the dominant material used in construction. To date, it’s still the best choice for most contractors comparing to other materials. Because of these three reasons. For one, brick is known to be very durable and withstands fire damages. Secondly, the material is beautiful and so, results in magnificent structures when properly laid. Lastly, bricks possess an insulating property. It, therefore, insulates your home from too much heat and cold; better than most other materials. This makes it more energy efficient.

When choosing this material, have our experts at Mason Pro do the bricklaying for you. They are not only conversant with the brick, but also the different styles and designs that can be applied.

Stone Masonry

With the changing times, more and more people have begun embracing stone as a material for masonry. Stone, much like brick, also has a long durability span and hence the popularity. It’s resistant to most weather conditions and is aesthetically appealing making its structures more beautiful. Stone-masonry is extensively used retaining walls, chimneys, walkways, among other structures. Masons love this material as it grants them the freedom to work with their imaginations!

As Mason Pro, we have the best and team of contractors in the industry. Our masons, driven by their creativity strive for customer satisfaction. They have worked with multiple stone masonry projects incorporating different types of stones. As a result, no stone project can be too hard for them.

Block Masonry

Concrete block masonry is also one of the most durable masonry materials in the market. The block material is fire resistant and is an excellent insulator due to its thickness. Therefore, it’s not affected by moist and wet environmental conditions or even pests. This material, therefore, results in buildings of high structural integrity.

Its effect on the environment is also very crucial in construction. As the concrete block is of recyclable materials. It’s thus environmentally friendly. There are numerous types of blocks in masonry. Our experts at Mason Pro can help you determine the best type of block material for your project, and how best to use it.

Concrete Masonry

It goes without say that Concrete’s array of applications makes it a popular masonry material for most builders. The material works perfectly on concrete paving, concrete pavers, patio constructions, and concrete steps, among other uses. These applications attribute Concrete’s durability, fire resistance, and strength.

With Mason Pro, you can rest assured that all your concrete products will be delivered efficiently. Guided by trustworthiness, you can rely on our contractors and masons to provide the best quality work. For more information on the building materials, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you. Bonus tip; you’ll get a free estimate when you consult with us!