Chimney Services

Do you need assistance in cleaning out your chimney?

Summer is over; the autumn cold is slowly creeping in. You haven’t used your Chimney since the last winter season. Is it ready to be operational again? Well, before you light up that Chimney, you need to not only clean it but also have it inspected. An expert should do both these services.

At Mason Pro, we provide not only the masonry services but also the chimney cleaning and maintenance services. Our team of experts is well versed with custom fireplace operations, and so, promise to supersede your expectations. We offer all chimney services, including but not limited to chimney installation, chimney repairs, and chimney replacement.

Having been in the industry for a long time, our experts have realized that most clients tend to ignore inspections. This ignorance has resulted in most of the problems we solve today. Therefore, below, we have generated a small list of the reasons why you should have regular chimney inspections.

Averting Fire Disasters

It’s very easy to assume that your Chimney is fine by merely looking at it. However, in itself, the Chimney is a deathtrap if not correctly maintained and cleaned. After using your Chimney for a long time, its inner lining develops an accumulation of a dark, tar-like residue known as Creosote. This substance is toxic and flammable, and as such, even the slightest stray flames can ignite it. If the Creosote accumulates in your Chimney, the chances of a house fire significantly increase. To avert this disaster, you need to have regular chimney inspections, especially after long periods of dormancy.

Identifying Potential Structural damages

Chimneys can ignite to very high temperatures, and even though they’re made of bricks, eventually, structural damage is bound to happen. Disasters such as internal cracks can develop and remain undetected in the chimney for a long time. This can be catastrophic! By conducting regular inspections and maintenance checks, you will be able to detect these faults and repair them before they escalate. It’s, however, vital that you trust the inspection to a trusted masonry company.

Mason Pro’s chimney contractors are not only well trained but also have the necessary equipment to detect your chimney cracks. Early detection will save you thousands worth of repair costs!

Removing Obstructions

For most homeowners, chimneys are only used during the winter. Therefore, during the other days of the year, the Chimney is left idle. Meanwhile, during the same period, plant debris and some animals or birds may decide to use the Chimney for habitation. It will, therefore, become harder for you to restart the Chimney once you need it again. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure that you get rid of all those obstructions before lighting the Chimney.

Smoking the animals and birds out of the Chimney is greatly discouraged as it also puts your health at risk. Instead, trust us, Mason Pro, to help you get rid of these obstructions in the chimney. We have the right equipment and training, thereby ensuring your safety and effectiveness throughout the task.

Improving Efficiency

As is most things, with proper maintenance and good care, the Chimney’s efficiency will increase. The custom fireplace will produce more heat with less fuel. Consequently, you’ll cut down on energy usage and, thus, the energy bill. The Chimney will also emit less smoke to the atmosphere, and Its flue will also increase its lifespan. Thus, the Chimney will last much longer. Therefore achieving this with regular chimney cleaning and maintenance.

As Mason Pro, our mission is simple; Delivering quality services to all our clients. Therefore, by trusting us with your Chimney, we assure you 100% satisfaction! Try us today; call us now!