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Why Choose Mason Pro?

We're not like any of our competitors! When you need masonry work which has both style and durability, look no further than Mason Pro. We work with a large variety of materials including brick, stone, concrete, and more! We can handle all aspects of masonry too; from walls to steps, driveways, chimneys, and retaining walls, we can do it all.

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Stunning Masonry Services

Masonry work is meant to last virtually forever and there’s no better choice than Mason Pro for your home or business masonry projects. We retain only the most qualified masonry specialists that have the skills and expertise to make your project not only beautiful but one that will be there to enjoy for years into the future. Quality masonry work is an extension of your property and has the ability to make a long-lasting impression of beauty while also increasing its value in other ways as well. No matter the size of your budget, your masonry experts at Mason Pro can offer a new element to just about any type of home, business, or outdoor area, that will meet the highest standards in the industry.

Driveways, Walls & Steps of Any Kind

Maintaining driveways, walkways, and steps are a must for homeowners trying to preserve the look and feel of the home to the look and feel of every home. We aim to fulfill this need of the customers by providing them with the best quality services. At Mason Pro we provide design and installation of driveways, walkways, front porch steps, and back doorsteps. We are the best-licensed contractors with the proper expertise and tools to provide you the best outdoor home remodeling. We never compromise on time and work closely with you to create your desired driveway, walkway, and steps. Customers can rest assured that our installations are done with precision by experienced professionals. Patios are a great way to enjoy nice weather at mealtimes, and we want to say something iI though was too funny, but apparently not.

Walkways & Pathways

Walkways and steps serve a lot more than providing a way to get to your house or business. They increase the appeal of a home or a commercial building and, therefore, particular attention should be paid to these details. Concrete is the most commonly used material for outdoor walkways and steps, but we provide different alternatives just to offer a unique and exciting element to the mix.  You can choose from gravel, stone, concrete, brick, interlocking concrete, crushed paver, or even something like granite, slate or something else from a constantly glowing smorgasbord of new and fun colors and styles to reflect your inner personality.


A driveway is not only a strong point of emphasis on a home and property’s beauty, but it is also able to be designed so that it is highly functional for the way you leave and enter your home itself.  Driveways also require a higher level of attention since they can be easily damaged and require expensive repairs. We ensure the installation of a beautiful driveway with a firm foundation which will not get any cracks and will last well beyond your lifetime. Our home remodelers and design specialists work efficiently to fulfill your requirements while keeping in mind the need to be economical in the way of cost. Dealing in both residential as well as commercial development, our team of professionals has the right knowledge, skills, and equipment needed for the installation, maintenance and the repair of driveways, walkways, and steps for any type of building or structure, and they love to use their experience and knowledge to guide you along the path of making a reality out of the visions that you have for your home in your mind already..

Contact Mason Pro by phone, email, or even right here on our contact us page.  to put your outdoor space to good use and provide your input and artistic expression to a new project outside of your home or place of business. We install and repair driveways, walkways, and steps and are considered by many to be one of the best and an industry leader amongst our competitors throughout the state of New Jersey!   That's something we’re very proud of and we intend to protect our solid reputation.   

Chimney Building and Services

Chimneys add an automatic warmth to a home in the wintertime, and beauty all year long, and there’s more to the art of building chimneys than you might think.  There’s a lot of work and planning that must be done to ensure they are safe and structurally sound for a lifetime of use as well as from the effects of outdoor weather elements over many years.  We have been building safe and beautiful chimneys of all shapes and sizes and designs for many years, so feel free to ask for our portfolio of past work and see how endless that possibilities really are!

Walls & Foundations

Walls and foundations for all types of building are one of our core competencies that have earned our company a great deal of respect from customers over the years.  We’ve built more than we can begin to count, and we consider it the cornerstone of our company, so call us today to discuss the next building you need to get a foundation and wall plan for and we’ll make it happen!

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used to keep large amounts of soil from becoming sunk or pushed in overtime and to keep water out in order to prevent erosion or too much water seeping into the area the wall is protecting. Retaining walls are often used for houses that are on a hill or slope that’s steep, but can also be integrated into any terrain or property for beauty as well as functionality.  Excessively large amounts of rain and settling can cause the soil to become displaced and can create dangerous situations. At Mason Pro, we offer retaining wall services to help support your home or business plus we can install and repair these specialty types of retaining walls to give your project and property a unique way to stand out from your friends’ and neighbors’ plain types of retaining walls:

  • Gravity wall
  • Piling wall
  • Cantilever wall
  • Anchored wall

Brick, Stone, Block, Concrete, and Stone Veneer Projects

We have some of the best available anywhere to do your brick and stone, or even veneer projects.  You would be shocked to see the amazing, durable and beautiful projects that can be made from these materials.  We also know how to repair old brick stone and concrete materials. Tuckpointing is a skill possessed by very few that can actually do it well.  It’s an art form as well as a repair method for brick and concrete blocks and other stone pieces that have crumbled or been damaged in various ways over many years.  Our artists and professional brick and stone professionals have tuckpointing skills that look amazing and also serve the purpose of increasing lifespan for the project by many years.

As you can tell, we have more materials and services and ideas than most people can sort out, so come on in today or call us to discuss the ideas you’ve been seeing in your mind and we’ll see about turning them into a reality for an affordable cost.