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Cracks in your walls or floor? That’s never a good sign. Whenever cracks start appearing in your house, that’s a sign that the house needs serious repairs. The occurrence of cracks is usually an indication that your foundation is failing, and the house’s structural integrity is at stake. Whenever such occurrences are ignored, you can be guaranteed of catastrophic effects. This may include the house crumbling down!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wall1.jpgMore often than not, whenever your foundation is failing, the walls take the hit and, thus, develop interior cracks. You, therefore, need to consult Mason Pro experts immediately you notice these signs. Our foundation contractors will quickly inspect the extent of your damage then advise you on the best action to take. Besides cracks, there are several signs to look out for on your walls and foundations to be on the safe side.  Below are a few of the most common signs.

Sinking Floors and/or Foundations

Your floors or foundations weren’t designed to sink in after construction. Therefore, whenever it starts sagging, that’s a red flag to call in an expert. However, you need to understand that all houses undergo movement after a few years. This movement will thus determine the strength of your foundation. When your house starts sinking from one side, you may have to find a foundation repair. The same may also happen for landscape retainer walls, and so, you’ll need a good retainer wall builder to help you. Mason Pro offers the best services for such an occurrence.

Sticking Doors and Windows

Usually, your windows and doors are expected to operate smoothly. However, when your foundation starts sinking, the windows and doors will be affected. Their hinges will occasionally get stuck. This problem mainly occurs during the rainy season due to heavy moisture accumulation around the crawl space; and foundation settling.

Therefore, keep an eye out for the state of your doors and windows during such seasons. If the problem escalates, professionals at Mason Pro will be able to help you immediately you contact them.

Heavy moisture in the Crawl Space

Although experiencing a lot of moisture in your crawl space may be a result of poor foundation drainage, there’s a possibility that it’s a sign of foundation failure. It’s therefore vital that you get an expert to help you determine the source of that moisture. Henceforth, you can come up with alternate ways of drying the space. Depending on the contractor, you may implement different strategies to combat the situation. When you notice this sign, remember Mason Pro is always there to help.

Popping Nails and Cabinets

When drawers and Cabinets attached to the walls start leaving gaps, then that may be a sign of foundation failure. You can even observe this from nails when they start popping from the wall. This may be as a result of crack formation on the walls. Our experts recommend that when the cabinets cease being level on the wall, it’s time to call your contractor. Mason Pro’s contractors have a wealth of experience fixing such a situation, and so, you can be assured that your house is in good hands.

Whenever you notice foundation failure and wall cracks in your house, your contractor may recommend repair or replacement. While the repair costs may seem hefty, it’s for the best that you live in a safe house. Your foundation is a critical factor in the structural integrity of your house. You, therefore, need to entrust its maintenance to the best in the business. Mason Pro has, over the years, proven to be very effective in this field. Regardless of the extent of your foundation and wall damage, our team will always deliver the best services. For more information about this service, don’t hesitate to contact us!